Our Products

Crude Oil

As a leading supplier of oil and gas, we prioritize the utmost quality and efficiency in product handling. Leveraging our extensive knowledge base and robust infrastructure, we ensure timely delivery of spec-compliant products across complex supply chains. With a diverse global network of crude oil supply points, MECITCO Oil guarantees a steadfast and diversified supply. Our dedicated crude oil trading specialists maintain long-term relationships with key stakeholders and actively engage in the development of projects related to both existing and emerging crude oil flows.

Fuel Oil

Central to our fuel oil business are the strong relationships we cultivate, enabling swift and responsive service to our customers' needs. Our active participation in major oil trading forums, coupled with a global network of offices, equips us with unparalleled market insight and agility to navigate real-time dynamics.

Condensate & Naphtha

In the condensate and naphtha markets, MECITCO competes effectively with strategic hubs in London and Dubai. With a keen understanding of regional specification variations, we leverage our logistic, storage, and blending capabilities to ensure precise and timely delivery of high-quality products tailored to our customers' requirements.

Hard Commodities

MECITCO operates a global supply chain for hard commodities, bridging the gap between producers and end-users. Headquartered in Dubai, our commodities trading team manages global trading and risk activities in finished and semi-finished steel products for the oil and energy sectors. With extensive local partnerships and experienced teams in London and Dubai overseeing market risks, we ensure seamless operations across all facets of the business, including freight management.