MECITCO GROUP is an energy and commodity trading group of companies.

MECITCO is led and managed by well-prepared group of individuals, each with a diverse set of talents in various and complementary areas of business.

We take the challenges in the industries we operate and embrace them as opportunities as a result of our financial strength and strategic relationships.

Our expertise allows us to react to current market or geopolitically driven trends and most importantly to anticipate others. This is possible because of our capacity to adapt to new situations, the flexibility of our team, our unparalleled approach to problem solving, and our determination to overcome any obstacles with cleverness and boldness.

These virtues make Mecitco Group a successful organization. We are proud that our most important asset is the people and our partners that we have selected to fulfil our vision and ensure the satisfaction our clients.

Our network of global refinery partners is always expanding.  This makes us confident that we can grow along with the needs and demands of your business and the particular market that you operate in.

We work together, collectively with the refineries, to ensure that every business transaction undertaken is seen to its final closing, smoothly and effectively.  We are able to act swiftly and decisively to meet the ever-changing needs of our various stakeholders and form external partnerships based on fair and mutually agreed upon objectives.  

We source and supply only the very best that the commodities market has to offer.

Our internal policies and procedures are continually analyzed and updated to ensure the highest level of risk mitigation, as it applies to risks involving logistics, fraud, scarcity, banking, regulation, geopolitics and politics.

Our compliance standards are rigorous and without shortcuts.  We participate in a highly regulated environment and our company is directly impacted by changes to those regulations.

Our company strives to be a first mover.  We continually study and improve our internal processes, contract language and compliance requirements on a global and local jurisdictional basis to ensure adherence to the strictest standards, laws, and regulations that impact our business.