Strong relationships are central to our fuel oil business and they enable us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers. We have in-depth awareness of market developments through our activities in all the major oil trading forums. Complementing this with our worldwide network of offices, we have both a global perspective and local insight into real time market dynamics.


MECITCO not only provides the reassurance of delivering on specification and on time, but we can also facilitate tailor-made pre-financing while associating the necessary risk management packages.





As a major supplier of jet fuel, we understand the crucial importance of product quality and handling. Global supply chains are being extended to include mega refining complexes, typically in the Middle East and Asia, which now serve a large part of the mature markets in North America and Europe. The associated challenges are becoming commensurately technical and challenging.

MECITCO GROUP has the knowledge base and infrastructure to ensure we handle and deliver timely, on spec products, across these increasingly complex supply chains. Furthermore, we ensure robustness of supply, through an extensive and diverse global network of jet fuel supply points.

The consistent investment of our shipping and storage facilities, as well as training and testing regimes, ensures our customers and partners benefit from our commitment to efficiently deliver the highest quality products.



MECITCO competes efficiently in the gasoline, naphtha and reformate world markets. With business hubs in London and Dubai, we are intimately involved with and intuitively responsive to the supply and demand dynamics of our customers' needs.


In an environment where specification varies widely by region, we utilize our extensive logistic, storage and blending capabilities to guarantee delivery of the right quality in the right volume at the right time.

Precision in our blends and deliveries includes matching the best price. Whether supplying by tender or via the spot market, MECITCO can be relied on to be competitive.





LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is predominantly propane and butanes, either segregated or in various ratios and mixtures of each product. LPG is a by-product of crude oil production (Associated Gas) and a by-product of natural gas production (Non Associated Gas). It is also a by-product of the refinery process, transported mainly in pressurised vessels.


At MECITCO, we are a long-term participant in the global LPG market. We offer our customers a complete, end-to-end service. We operate a large fleet of purpose-built LPG tankers, comprising 17 dedicated modern pressurized LPG vessels, and have five handy size vessels and one very large gas carrier (VLGC) on time charter. In addition, we are working with customers to develop and deliver LPG to power generating solutions in markets worldwide.



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